COVID-19 How to entertain your kids while at home
ParentingNews April 27, 2020

COVID-19 How to entertain your kids while at home

You love your kids. No one’s saying you don’t. But who knew they were so loud?

Here are our tips to help keep the kids entertained while you’re balancing home/work life.

Empower and stimulate your children's skills with entertaining games and activities that they can enjoy as a family!

Music and fun with musical instruments: The use of musical instruments helps children stimulate coordination and auditory sense. The most recommended are the percussion instruments for ease of use. Make melodies of different rhythms together and enhance your coordination!

Shape, size, and colour: 

Playing with children to classify objects can be challenging at first, but when they can understand and differentiate, it becomes very entertaining and motivating!

With this activity, you will be strengthening his fine motor skills and the ability to organize, which will be very useful in all areas of things because he will learn the form.

Drawings, paint, and cut-outs:

Did you know that drawing is an important tool for children to express their feelings? Take advantage of it! Boost the creativity of your little ones by encouraging them to paint and draw, which will reinforce their fine motor skills.

If they are a little larger, you can ask them to cut them after painting their drawings, so that stimulation and motor skills will be much more beneficial!

Entertaining obstacle course: 

Is there anything more entertaining than obstacle courses? And much better if we have a prize for passing it! Give your little ones a path where they can jump, move from side to side, bend over, take wide steps, and various entertaining exercises! The idea is that, on this circuit, you enhance your fine and gross motor skills, your agility and coordination, but in a very entertaining way!

It's time to dance: 

Pretend you have to do an important talent show, where you must create or follow a choreography with your favourite song. Help them invent steps and they memorize and dance to the rhythm of the music. When they already know, dress them up and make their official presentation!

Concentration and logic with puzzles: 

Teach your children the logic of the puzzles. These entertaining games will enhance your intelligence and ability to solve problems. At the same time, it will strengthen their fine motor skills when fitting piece by piece. Make a team and share this activity together!