Becoming A two kid family
Parenting February 10, 2020

Becoming A two kid family

The right equipment for the job

As you probably learned when you had your first child, when it comes to life with a baby, the equipment you use really does matter. You likely have a lot of equipment such as the cot and change table from your first child, but there are some things you will need. Two of the most important of these are your stroller and car seat.

For many parents who are welcoming their second child, a  baby capsule makes life a little easier for the first few months - especially if you need to get the baby out of their car seat multiple times a day as you head off to all the activities you are doing with their older sibling. 

A convertible car seat is also a great option for a baby seat… and if you do go down the capsule option, you will need a new car seat for your baby once they outgrow their capsule in any case. At Maxi-Cosi, we offer baby capsule hire which many parents love.  

When buying your convertible car seat, look for a narrow seat such as the Vita Pro so you can add a third car seat to the back row if you decide to go for number three… or at least have room in the back seat for an additional passenger.

Depending on the age of your first child, you may also like to consider a double stroller like the Dana for 2 Twin Stroller or the Lila Duo Comfort Stroller which can be used a single stroller and easily convert to a double pram (the second seat is sold separately) when you are out and about with both kids.

At the end of the day, it’s about having the equipment that will make your life flow more smoothly as you are on your daily adventures with your family. 

Prepare your first child

As much as you can prepare yourself for a new baby, don’t forget about preparing your firstborn for the arrival of their new sibling. This is a huge time of adjustment for any kid. They will go from having your undivided attention to sharing that attention with a very noisy and demanding little person.

You can start preparing your first child as soon as you know you are expecting. Start by talking about what having a new sibling means and their special role as a big brother or sister. And then gradually introduce them to what life will be like with a new baby in the house.

Depending on the age of your first child, they can also be going through some other major life transitions - and some that will be hurried along by a new baby - such as toilet training, moving out of a cot into a big bed or even starting preschool or school. Be sensitive to these transitions so they feel safe through this period of change.

If you’re purchasing a new stroller or baby car seat, this will mean a change for your first child (e.g. if you are moving the position of their car seat to make room for the baby seat), don’t wait until the day before baby arrives - if you can help it - to make the change. Install the baby car seat early and start using the new pram so everyone can adjust to the new routine and lay of the land with a baby in tow.

Be kind to yourself

Becoming a two kid family is absolutely amazing. The only thing better than two little hands wrapped around your neck is a hug from both of your kids. And there is nothing quite like being witness to the bond developing between siblings.

Having said that, bringing baby number two home can also be a very difficult time. You can feel a combination of guilt at not being able to give your firstborn the attention they are craving, exhaustion from not being able to stop, grief over the 1:1 time you are missing with your first child, and confusion or frustration because this baby really isn’t anything like your first baby. You survived your first baby… so you decide to go again and now you are expecting baby number two - congratulations! But now what?

As an experienced parent, you are already prepared for the lack of sleep, the endless nappy changes, and constant feeding… but doing all of that when you already have a child to look after is a whole other kettle of fish.

Becoming a two kid family is wonderful and terrifying in equal measure. It is moments of relief as you get your baby to sleep… only to have your toddler wake them up five minutes later. It is the feeling of your heart, doubling in size to accommodate enough love for two children… only to watch them both gang up on you to sneak ice blocks out of the freezer while they think you aren’t looking.

Here are our tips for walking into life as a two kid family with confidence and ease. Surprise!

The secret to surviving it all and coming out the other side - which you will - is to be kind to yourself.

You might feel like you are constantly dividing your attention between your children but they will still be getting enough from you and the family and friends around you. The exhaustion in those early days and weeks will soon give way to longer stretches of sleep. You will eventually start to get back that 1:1 time with your firstborn but you will also gain new memories on your adventures with both your children. And that confusion and frustration… well, we can’t tell you that will go away because every child is completely unique, but you will start to learn the unique traits of each of your children and how to respond in the way you parent them.

At Maxi-Cosi, we are proud to help families ease into the transition of a two kid family with quality, stylish products that compliment your lifestyle. Whether it is the first car trip with both your children in the back of the car or the first stroll to the park, we will be there with you on your adventures.